Monday, 18 August 2014

Palespiration Edition #1 - Emma Stone

Welcome to my first post of a new series I am bringing to the blog and channel called Palespiration - Aka inspiration for pale skin!

(Btw, although Emma is #1 this doesn't mean she is "the number one" so to speak, it just means the first person I am featuring!)

I want to do this to bring new inspiration to you, to not only give confidence but also ideas for makeup and hair looks for your pale skin. 

For me Emma is a great example of someone in the public eye who has managed to become very successful without needing to be bronzed. I also love how she has experimented with her look and had many different hair colours, really trying what suits her.

Below is me re-creating the look from the advertisement for Revlon for the Lip Lacquer Balms. Give it a watch! As the series goes on, I would also really love your suggestions of other people to feature.


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