Monday, 10 September 2012

Hair & Beauty Wishlist for A/W 2012

I am a girl who is always on the lookout for new products, and especially love looking at the new hair and beauty products that come out each season. From the cool pastels in spring, to the bright neon nail varnishes in summer, to the sophisticated berry tones in Autumn. Just like with fashion, trends come and go with beauty and change from season to season. There are so many products that have caught my eye this season... these are the ones that I would love to try. Some have just been released, and some are already staples within the hair and beauty industry. Allow me to take you through my wish list!

In no particular order...

Illamasaqua Skin Based Foundation in 02 - £27

I have always wanted to try some Illamasqua make-up as I find the dramatic looks they create so fascinating, it is almost like a work of art than simply just make-up. I also have gained interest in this particular foundation because the Pixiwoo sisters seem to feature it alot in their videos, and if make-up artists rate a product highly then you know it has to be good. I am incredibly wary of foundation shades - anything even a slight bit too dark then it will look plain WRONG on me... however this foundation looks just perfect for me, and incredibly pale which is why I am keen to try it. Hopefully I will get this foundation in time to feature it on my channel when I get it going!

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Emerald Lust - £62

Ok ok ok ok OK... I have to admit this is a bit of a dreamy indulgent addition to my wishlist, but can you blame me?! The colours in this Tom Ford Palette look so divine in the picture... I can't imagine how vivid and beautiful they would look on an actual eye! I think these colours would really suit my blue eyes.

Babyliss Pro Volare V2 Compact Dryer
- £84.95

My hair is incredibly thick, anyone who touches my hair in a salon always says so! I would love to achieve a professional blow dry at home, and although I have pretty much mastered the technique and own more barrel brushes than can ever be normal.... I feel as if my dryer lets me down. Generally, on the UK high street there isn't a great deal of choice of hairdryers available, and they all tend to cost under £30. Although this is fantastic for my pocket... my hair is yet to thank me in terms of showing my vitality and bounce. I believe what I am lacking is a powerful dryer, and this is one of the dryers I have been considering. It is available in either red or black, is made in Italy and has a FERRARI engine! Now that's what I call power!

Redken Smooth Down Masque - £17.25 (price varies dramatically depending on retailer!)

Again with my thick unruly hair! Nothing I have ever done technique wise or any product I have ever used has totally conquered the frizz/flyaways my hair inevitably gets, no matter what I do. I have heard so many amazing things about the Smooth Down range curing frizz like no other product, which is why I really want to try it. I have tried the Redken colour extend masque, as well as various Redken treatments at my hairdressers, and really love the range. However at anywhere up to £22 for 250ml... this product is staying on my wishlist and not my immediate list for now!

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle Oil - £7.09

Lately I've noticed my nails seem so beat up for some reason! When I recently applied my Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight polish (see previous post for review!)... the application wasn't as smooth as I would have liked, due to my nail bed being chipped and uneven. I have heard great things about nail oils, and would love to try this one by Sally Hansen, to give my nails extra strength and shine.

Bobbi Brown Desert Twilight Eye Palette - £48

Yes, more of the BBDT luvin. If money was no object for me, I would buy this palette right now!! I love ladylike make-up... you know ultra sophisticated, glamorous colours... dusty pinks with that hint of sparkle. Grown up glitter glamour... not cheap and tacky or too in your face, just the right balance. Everything about this palette I am in love with, even though I will probably never be lucky enough to own it! The case is metallic and looks almost like it's made of precious metal, with gorgeous colours inside ranging from your bases, to your daytime shimmery tones... right up to evening glamour. I'm afraid I will have to make do with the Desert Twilight nail polish at a more pleasing £6 off ebay for now (not that I mind!)

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish - £9

If you haven't tried The Body Shop's ultimately AMAZING showergels, you are missing one hell of a treat. The smells are so rich and divine, they truely lift my spirits and sometimes make the whole house smell nice. I am also a massive fan of body scrubs... they are brilliant for exfoliating the skin, and have a multitude of benefits and uses. As the Satsuma showergel is one of my favourite varieties, I have always wanted to try the body scrub too.

Expect a longer list sometime in the near future.... I just can't help myself!

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