Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Crime to be pale?

Just two of the articles I have found today which are anti-pale skin. One suggesting you can't dance without a spray tan, the other saying you can't get a job without one, well more or less. Having pale skin is becoming increasingly a taboo subject amongst what is considered beautiful within society and the media. 

Nicky happens to have the same heritage of me - our skin comes from our Irish/Celtic backgrounds. I would be so appalled if someone ordered me or even suggested that I needed a spray tan to cover up my Irish skin. Ok so it's strictly come dancing - the home of sequins and glamour... and maybe he would look a little odd if he was the only person not a deep shade of creosote. Honestly though, what does that say to young kids watching who have pale skin, that's it's not attractive or beautiful?

Please, can someone also fill me in on why I might not be considered for a job, despite my qualifications or skills, simply because I am pale and not bronzed? Surely the fact I am more interested in turning up for the interview rather than lathering myself in tanning agent means I would be better for the job anyway? 

How about putting the money into boosting people's numeracy and literacy skills, and teaching them the vital skills many lack rather than critiquing the shade of their skin? Again, and I've said it before... you wouldn't dream of saying someone is too dark would you? This would undoubtedly lead to dismissals and even court proceedings (and rightly so, racism should never be tolerated). Why is it you're seemingly allowed to say someone is too pale then? 

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