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The Clothes Show Live - Part 2 (The Goodie Bags!)

As promised from my previous post, I am now going to talk about the amazing and unbelievable Goodie bags myself and my Cousin each received from The Clothes Show Live. Before I start, I really want to thank Sleek Make-up so so much for choosing my entry as the winner, as well as for the products we received. The whole day was incredible and it wouldn't have happened for either of us without them, so if you are reading Sleek... THANKYOU! The ladies on the counter were also super lovely and shook both our hands, they made us feel like royalty!

Firstly, let me show you everything I accumulated over the whole day (minus the bags) arranged on my bedroom floor....

Sleek Goodie Bag:

Myself and Vicky each received the following products for free as part of the competition we won. Given we are such massive Sleek fans, and the nearest Superdrug that stocks Sleek is a 2 hour train ride away.... well, lets just say we screamed then Vicky let out a few choice words not suitable for broadcast in this blog. We just could not believe our luck!!

Our bags each contained... 

- Make-Up Brush Set (7 Pieces)
- I Divine Palette (Original)
- I Divine Palette (Storm)
- Glo Face & Body Highlighter (Bronze Baby)
- Cannes Eyelashes
- Rio Eyelashes
- Glossed (Bitten)
- Glossed (Whisper)
- Pout Polish (The Afterparty) 

Barry M Goodie Bag:

The Barry M stand was absolutely scrumptious, with rows upon rows of products in every shade imaginable. The following bag cost just £10 for £70 worth of products! I don't think I saw a single person in the entire NEC who didn't have one of these hanging off their arm! Considering just *one* Dazzle Dust eyeshadow is normally £5 alone, there was no way I wasn't going to buy the goodie bag!

I noticed the contents of the bag varied as my cousin got some entirely different products/shades to me. Here is the contents of mine...

- Barry M travel/product case
- Dazzle Dust (Shade 209) X2
- Dazzle Dust (Shade 75)
- Kohl Pencil (Shade 13)
- Kohl Pencil (Shade 15)
- Kohl Pencil (Shade 20)
- Pink Glitter  Eye Crayon
- Bright Turquoise Lengthening Mascara
- Face & Body Shimmer Powder
- Limited Edition Lip Gloss
- Nail Paint (Shade Retro 1 Pink)
- Nail Paint (Shade Retro 3 Red)
- Nail Paint (Shade Retro 5 Purple) 

 Model's Own Goodie Bag:

This was another fantastic £10 for £70 worth of products offer. This time, you picked the 2 nail polishes that went with the rest of the bag. To say it was difficult is a massive understatement! Even the girls behind the counter who served us didn't know what they would pick! The stall stretched for about 40ft in a massive square, with rows and rows of colour co-ordinated polishes, with a gigantic model of a silver glittery nail polish on the roof of the stand.The stall sold pretty much every polish imaginable... from neutrals, to pastels, to brights and then to glitters. It was insanely difficult choosing, however I went with two colours I didn't already own from my nail collection at home.

- Nail Polish (04 Hed Kandi)
- Nail Polish (Red Red Wine)
- Shapeitbuffit Nail Buffer 
- Nail Art Pen
- Straight Cosmetic Scissors
- Powder Eyeshadow (Pearl Pink)
- Powder Eyeshadow (Bright Turquoise)
- Hi-Definer Pro-Eyeliner
- Lipgloss
- Moisturising Lip Balm (Bubblegum Flavour)

- Lip Liner Pencil (Red)
- Eye Liner Pencil (Black)
- Eyeshadow Applicators X4

 Collection 2000 Goodie Bag:

I have always been quite fond of Collection 2000, as I think over the years their products have become cult classics, especially their concealer which I use on a daily basis! The CSL Goodie Bags were being sold for an incredible £5 for £20 worth of products, which included their best selling mascara. Again, the lady who served us (we bought 3 bags in total) was incredibly lovely which can't of been easy given how manic each stand was. The stand was also selling a massive range Collection 2000 products at heavily reduced price.

Here's what my bag contained...

- Bedazzled Eyeshadow Palette
- Multiplier Volume & Definition Mascara (Ultra Black)
- Nail Smash Top Coat (1 Black Smash)
- Hot Looks Nail Polish (5 Siren)
- Volume Sensation Lipstick (Satin Bow)


 Bomb Cosmetics:

Now, many people have heard of Lush... but have you heard of Bomb Cosmetics? They may not be as well known, but do just as amazingly fragrant bath products. I have long been a fan of their Strawberry fields shower scrub (fans of Lush's Snow Fairy will LOVE it). However, it is about £8 plus postage on the website which has always put me off ordering it this way. The nearest shop to me that sells it is a fashion boutique on Lincoln's Steep Hill which is an hour away from me! When I saw Bomb had a stand I jumped at the chance of re-purchasing it. They also had masses of absolutely devine, colourful soaps and bath bombs which really brightened the whole arena. As I went to pay for my Strawberry Fields, I was informed it was 2 for £10 so I thought I'd try Shower Power too.

 And finally, some other bits we recieved from the ELLE and Cosmpolitan bags. Their Goodie Bags were priced at £2 for Elle and I think it was about £3 for the Cosmo bag. This is an incredibly steal as not only did each bag come with aload of products, but Elle is normally £3.90 an issue so it was a massive bargain just to get the two issues included. As Elle is also my favourite magazine, this left me understandably overjoyed! There are some amazing products in these bags, including the OPI nail polish which currently retails for £11 plus postage which I essentially got for free! I should note the St Tropez tanning cream will be going straight to Vicky, I am staying true to Pale Skin Make Up don't worry!

This is just a selection of what the bags contained....

I hope you enjoyed this post! Where you at TCSL? What did you think? Or have I interested you in going next year? Let me know!




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