Monday, 14 January 2013

How I Store My Make Up!

Recently, I've been re-arranging my room. It's no secret that I love my make up, and over the years I seem to have acquired quite alot of it! From palettes to polishes, eye shadows to lipglosses... where on earth do I keep them all so they are all in one place and organised?

Well, take a look!.....

Firstly, I use a multi-draw storage box to keep the majority of my products, which are organized according to what part of the face they are for... i.e a "Lips" draw and a "Face" draw, for foundations and powders. I realise this makes it look like I own an alarming amount of make up, but infact this draw stands at less than a meter high and is fairly lightweight (something I was eternally thankful for when moving between/out of my uni accommodation!).  As you can also see, I keep a clear glass case on top for any extras (mainly along the lines of Hairspray, handcreams and anything else that's generally too bulky to keep in the draws).

Here is the contents of the 6 draws as they currently stand...


More recently, I also decided I really wanted a separate brush and nail polish holder, preferably a clear plastic one. I have seen so many bloggers and youtubers with them, which made me want them even more as they fit pretty much any room and any colour scheme. I got the brush holder from muji for around £8 including postage. The nail polish holder I bought from Amazon for around £13.

Remember The Clothes Show post I did? (If not, go check it out.. it's about 3 posts back!) well I ended up with some really lovely carrier bags which I decided to use to my advantage and create my own little "Nail Shelf"... with the addition of some Dior perfume to keep the polishes company.

And that pretty much concludes how I store my make up! How do you store yours?

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