Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bag Luvin'.

Ok, so a bag isn't related to pale skin products... nor is anything on my previous post for that matter (I'm working on it!)... but nevertheless, I have a new bag which I can't help but need to share because it's... aaaaaaaahhhh.... yeah. This little beauty set me back a crazy £8 from Primark in Middlesbrough. I normally detest Primark (it does little for my everything-has-to-be-organised-and-at-least-marginally-tidy OCD complex..), but I just happened to spot this yesterday and HAD to have it.

I love anything pretty with pastel colours, and cannot for the life of me, get into the current grungy boyish and generally horrible style that's been floating around for a while. So for me, this ticks all the right boxes, including the price! I swear it honestly doesn't look £8, even up close.

P.S: Just incase you were wondering, although my blog and channel will be primarily pale skin beauty based, I do intend to feature other fashion and general items just to mix it up a little bit. But at no stage will I be featuring fake tan items, so therefore you have to forgive me.


  1. Well it is pretty and I wouldn't have put it as being from primark. And contrary to what you say I think it IS pale skin related...I personally think this bag would look stupid mixed with orange tan tones ;)

  2. Thankyou Charlotte ;) I guess it's made up of pale colours?!