Tuesday, 7 August 2012

What I Bought Today

Welcome to my new blog Pale Skin Make-Up!  Coming soon will be my own channel on Youtube (username paleskinmakeup). Although I will mostly be discussing products for pale skin tones, I also plan to feature other things such as hauls and general product luvin.

Today's mini haul comes courtesy of Superdrug and TK Maxx. I love all things Neutrogena so seeing things from their range on sale in Superdrug made me have to have it!  The thing I love about the range of anti-blemish products, is that they smell great and don't dry out the skin or make the problem worse. They literally are a great range to use everyday, especially in the shower first thing in the morning. I also like to use Neutrogena face washes after removing my make-up, to give a really good cleanse before using a toner.

I also bought a Dove Exfoliating beauty bar because I love love loveeee the way it makes my skin so smooth, and smells so yummy at the same time. After about 3 uses of this, I noticed all the bumps I'd had on my legs for years just disappeared, and it left my skin super smooth. Plus it's not scratchy like some exfoliators can be. It literally leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Finally, I bought a couple of products for my hair in the form of Aussie 3 minute miracle frizz remedy, and Hair Doctor Hair Therapy, which is a pre-shampoo treatment which apparently claims to infuse your hair with moisture and nutrients pre haircare routine. I bought the latter from TK Maxx, which if you don't know is amazing place for uber cheap deals on high end brands, especially in terms of cosmetics and haircare. This little beauty set me back £3.99 instead of the RRP of £8, and even online it's anywhere up to £10 excluding P&P...not bad huh?!  I will get back to you on how both of these products work for me... I have quite thick and at times unruly hair, so anything which can tame it is a welcomed treat!

Please bear with me whilst I set up my blog and channel and make it super duper pretty (hopefully).

Thankyou for reading my first post and hopefully I didn't bore you to death!

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